ThermArt Early bird -50%

Wednesday 30th, October 2019 / 03:00

ThermArt Early bird -50%

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5 comments on “ThermArt Early bird -50%”

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  2. Jkaraya says:

    i love this fact “We designed this ear and forehead thermometer based on the standard of the world’s loveliest medical instrument. That’s not only for taking body temperature when sick, but also for inspiring people on a healthy lifestyle that we often look at one of our vital signs – the core body temperature.”

  3. dark_salad says:

    Weird, this links to the kickstarter page with all the prices listed in HK$. I can only assume it’s Hong Kong Dollars and I’m too lazy to check.

  4. seesobeeh says:

    I have been searching with my wife for a reliable way to measure our daughters’ temperature .Finally I have found this post .This is avery nice with least possible infection , ear injury possibility is zero percent and being able to record a curve and save previous readings through the application and get reports sound like extra good features ,hope to get it with a reliable price too, thanks alot

  5. RickDripps says:

    Jesus, this sub is really starting to circle the drain…

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