Special Deals Christmas Gifts Ideas For Men 2015

Wednesday 02nd, December 2015 / 21:27

Need some Christmas gifts ideas for men? Here are some 2015 gift ideas and Christmas special deals for the men in your life.

The Top 3 Christmas Gifts Ideas For Men 2015

The Samsung Gear VR Oculus (Virtual Reality)
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This item is practically sold out everywhere! Anything is possible when you’re inside the Samsung Gear VR. Whether it’s watching a movie or battling the undead or riding a flying carpet, you won’t run out of adventures with an ever-expanding vault of games. (Price: $180-$200+)
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Drones With Camera

This is a Christmas gift that all men; young and old will like. It’s a toy, it’s a camera, it’s fun! Take photos from a bird’s eye view or take it for a stroll around the park, and even have a race with your friends. Or spy on things…. and people…
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Exploding Kittens The Card Game
exploding-kitten-gift idea
For dudes who love cats and explosions. See www.explodingkittens.com, it’s a new weird and fun card game with multiple editions, even a NSFW version.
Check Lowest Prices on Exploding Kittens, click here.

More Christmas gift ideas for men:

Jurassic Park Collection (blu-ray)
Fitbit (fitness watch)
A new book
New gloves
External bluetooth speakers
External USB battery pack for electronics
Worst case scenario, buy a groupon, print it out and give it to your men in a nice envelope.

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