Regal Unlimited™ – The Unlimited Movie Subscription Pass

Friday 29th, November 2019 / 23:15

5 comments on “Regal Unlimited™ – The Unlimited Movie Subscription Pass”

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  2. Alphamatroxom says:

    Did they change this? I remember there being tiers and not applicable to every theater. This looks much better

    EDIT: Stupid tiers shit is still there

  3. anta_taji says:

    Damn, sounds good. There’s really only a hand full of movies worth going to see at a theatre. Everything else can wait for the blue ray or Netflix.

  4. Gonorrhea_NoduIe says:

    I already fell for this once with moviepass, not happening again!

  5. SSGSS_Bender says:

    I’m an advent movie goer. Would something like this be worth it to me? I’ve never messed with anything like this before.

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