Purple Mattress : Up to $500 off when you purchase a mattress & sleep bundle

Friday 29th, November 2019 / 21:00

5 comments on “Purple Mattress : Up to $500 off when you purchase a mattress & sleep bundle”

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  2. Breaker023 says:

    There was a YouTube who got sued by Purple for making a video about this dust that was all over his mattress. Does anyone know what came of that or what the dust was?

    I’d be interested to try the mattress but I’m a little concerned about that aspect of it and I don’t need a mattress bad enough to do research on it and buy a new one.

  3. TalkHawkyToMe says:

    I’m about to buy one. Here we go!

  4. TalkHawkyToMe says:


    $75 gift card for you. $75 gift card for me if you buy a mattress!

    Just got the King.

    “King in the castle, King in the castle. I have chair lalala”

  5. Halthoro says:

    These mattresses slap

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