New T-Mobile/Current Customer: Pixel 4-$ 399, Pixel 4 XL-$ 499

Wednesday 12th, February 2020 / 10:45

Starting from today 2/12/20 T-Mobile customers can get one (pixel 4 for $399) ( SKU = 842776115188) or a (pixel 4 XL for $499.) ( Do not add a line or trade request. Work with your grandfather’s plan.

Credit to Slickdeals for this deal


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4 comments on “New T-Mobile/Current Customer: Pixel 4-$ 399, Pixel 4 XL-$ 499”

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  2. Geltez says:

    Nice deal, although heard the phone wasn’t a big hit.

  3. duke_nukem_king says:

    This is the price it should’ve launched with

  4. bronegro says:

    Well shit I bought my pixel 4 for 599 over bf deal though Google. I like the phone but 399 is a steal.

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