Lenovo 15.6” Laptop Everyday Backpack B510 ($11.99) Regularly $29.99

Saturday 25th, January 2020 / 06:00

2 comments on “Lenovo 15.6” Laptop Everyday Backpack B510 ($11.99) Regularly $29.99”

  1. DpwnShift says:

    You know what gets your backpack noticed and stolen? The name of a computer manufacturer on it…

  2. MagneticGray says:

    My work gives us one of these if we choose a Lenovo laptop and we get a Dell branded messenger bag if we go with a Dell laptop. The Lenovo backpacks are basic but very high quality material and zippers. The straps are really comfy too. Definitely much nicer than any other backpack you’ll find for $11.99.

    You can color in the Lenovo logo with a sharpie and it’s barely noticeable. A lot of people at my work do that or cover it with a patch.

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