Buy $2 Wendy’s Keychain, get a free Jr Frosty until the end of 2020 with any purchase

Wednesday 04th, December 2019 / 18:00

11 comments on “Buy $2 Wendy’s Keychain, get a free Jr Frosty until the end of 2020 with any purchase”

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  2. dark_salad says:

    I can’t find how many you get. Is it one per day for a year or as many as I want?

  3. coopdude says:

    Is the keychain attached to mobile orders or does it only apply to orders that you physically show up to the counter with the keychain to?

  4. funkmastamatt says:

    I have one of these currently. I’ve used it exactly 0 times. Maybe I should go to Wendy’s for lunch.

  5. nowhereman136 says:

    its worth buying a few of these. I had one last year and lost it in February. Bummed me out the rest of the year every time i went to Wendys

  6. xshare says:

    I used to work next to one and ate there for lunch at least once a week. I had the keychain. So so many frostys that year.

  7. Dowdicus says:

    Why wouldn’t I just buy a Jr. Frosty? What are they, 99 cents?

  8. KatKing420 says:

    Real LPT: Just tell the drive through lady you have a keychain when you order. I’ve been doing it for years every time I go to Wendy’s and never had a chain.

  9. Ldydulcinea says:

    My mom has one and taped it to her phone case so she’d always have it. She really likes Wendy’s.

  10. mdino43 says:

    I purchased a tag this past year, it’s the perfect size to dip your fries and nuggets… Or your burger…

  11. TwoMuchSaus says:

    I used to go to Wendy’s 3-4 times a week after morning class in college and I had the tag. The kid’s size frostee they give is enough to feel like you had something without being too much. Would purchase again

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