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Friday 03rd, June 2016 / 11:07
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We’ve researched and compared Amazon Vs Ebay for the best Playstation 4 deals, to bring you the lowest prices for the cheapest Playstation 4 deals.

Best Cheap Playstation 4 Deals
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PlayStation 4 500GB
Brand New
playstation 4 deals
$340 Lowest Price
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$320 Lowest Price
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Playstation 4 Review By Amazon user: on 

I have had my PS4 for 2 months now and it is awesome. The controller feels great, and has the much needed improvement over the past PS controllers. The Seamless transition from game to main menu then either back or to a new app is great. The updated Party features the are more like how the Xbox 360 is, makes this an almost flawless system. Few things I don’t like it getting to messages sent to me, or updates to what my friends are playing, It’s hard to sort through and find the High score updates so I know what Im trying to beat them at. Other then that I love this console!! Add the PS app to your phone for wireless keyboard function and you have everything you need for a great gaming system!

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