20% off Japanese donut stockings for donut Day!

Wednesday 06th, November 2019 / 03:30

Sukeno socks get 20% off discount


To celebrate National Donut Day. They have a few sock designs but only Donuts are off today.

(https://shop.sukenosocks.com/collections/frontpage) (https://shop.sukenosocks.com/collections/frontpage)


: DONUT2019

Very rare discounts for this company. Supply ends at end of 6th day, EST

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2 comments on “20% off Japanese donut stockings for donut Day!”

  1. ElizbethSmith12 says:

    thanks, got 2 pairs for the niece’s birthday.

  2. CharlyGray says:

    Hmm they look cool. But free shipping for orders over $29 only..
    Thinking to get some for Christmas gifts hehe

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